Moduleslocation / filename
Core Module _root / core.fla Will be the exe/appl/swf to embed.
     Login Module mod_login  
     Navigation Module mod_navigation  
     Interface Module mod_interface  
     Current Screen Module mod_currentScreen This is where all the tools and health states will load into.
          Standard Modules    
               Health Status Questionnaire Modules -  
                    SF12 mod_SQ_sf12  
                    SF36 mod_SQ_sf36  
                    idbq mod_SQ_idbq  
                    arthritis mod_SQ_arthritis  
                    arthritis_sd mod_SQ_arthritis_sd  
                    HAQ (Full) mod_SQ_HAQ_full  
                    HAQ (Reduced) mod_SQ_HAQ_reduced  
                    Joint Count mod_SQ_JointCount  
               Demographic Modules -  
                    First Name mod_Demo_firstName  
                    Last Name mod_Demo_lastName  
                    Street Address mod_Demo_streetAddress  
                    City mod_Demo_city  
                    State mod_Demo_state  
                    Zip mod_Demo_zip  
                    Email mod_Demo_email  
                    Gender mod_Demo_gender  
                    Marital Status mod_Demo_maritalStatus  
                    Educational Background mod_Demo_education  
                    Income mod_Demo_income  
                    Occupation Box mod_Demo_occupationField  
                    Occupation Category mod_Demo_occupationCategory  
                    Age mod_Demo_age  
                    Birth Year mod_Demo_birthYear  
                    Birth Date and Month mod_Demo_birthDateAndMonth  
               Custom-build a Questionnaire Modules (Question Types below) -  
                    2 answer horizontal mod_CstQ_2H  
                    2 answer vertical mod_CstQ_2V  
                    3 answer horizontal mod_CstQ_3H  
                    3 answer vertical mod_CstQ_3V  
                    4 answer horizontal mod_CstQ_4H  
                    4 answer vertical mod_CstQ_4V  
                    5 answer horizontal mod_CstQ_5H  
                    5 answer vertical mod_CstQ_5V  
                    6 answer horizontal mod_CstQ_6H  
                    6 answer vertical mod_CstQ_6V  
                    7 answer horizontal mod_CstQ_7H  
                    7 answer vertical mod_CstQ_7V  
                    Horizontal Slide mod_CstQ_HSS  
               Post-Test Questionnaires    
                    Standard PTQ mod_PTQ_standard  
               Custom Flash Questionnaire mod_Quest_Custom  
          Health State Modules -  
               Full-Size Modules (with or without variables) -  
                    Text Only (w and w/o print) mod_HS_textOnly  
                    Text with 1 Image top left. mod_HS_textImage_left  
                    Text with 1 Image bottom right. mod_HS_textImage_right  
                    Text with 1 movie mod_HS_textMovie  
                    Custom Flash mod_HS_custom  
               Tool-Specific Modules (Reminders) - These mods load inside the tool mod.
                    VAS tool.VAS_reminder  
                    SG tool.SG_reminder  
                    TTO tool.TTO_reminder  
                    WTP tool.WTP_reminder  
                    HSS tool.HSS_reminder  
                    Custom tool.Custom_reminder  
          Tool Modules -  
               VAS mod_VAS_left  
               SG -  
                    SG Left (Standard) mod_SG_left  
                    SG Bottom (Titration, Yes/No) mod_SG_bottom  
               TTO mod_TTO_bottom  
               WTP mod_WTP_bottom  
               HSS mod_HSS_bottom  
               Custom mod_Tool_Custom  
          Custom Modules mod_custom  
     Logic Check Module mod_logicCheck  
     Decision Model Module(s) mod_decisionModel