This is how the i4 source tree is laid out.

  impact4.fla -- the bootstrap
  BUILDNINFO.txt -- a changelog about the builds
      template.fla/swf -- the template module, implements the basic module API
      template.xml -- the definition file for template.fla
      2..n -- all the different modules we may have
      configuration.xml -- this survey's configuration
      /includes* -- includes that are compiled into the SWF files
      i4Preloader.fla/swf -- the preloader component
      navigation.fla/swf -- navigation component
      interface.fla/swf -- the interface (the GUI)
      runtime.fla/swf -- the runtime, which loads all the other swf's
   /Specificiations* -- contains all the specifications of the system

If you wanted to take this and make a distribution out of it, you should remove all *'ed items. This guide is a rough view to see how we might think about deployment.